Monday, February 27, 2012

Barbara Alderfer: What CRHP means to me

 I made my weekend September, 2010.  I had made many other retreats and had given retreats for years and, to be honest, I avoided going on retreats because I felt burned out.  When Earl and I joined St. Raphael’s we realized that we felt that we were “home” for the first time in our lives.  I felt drawn by God to make a CRHP weekend.

The weekend was life changing for me.  I made life-long friends.  I was blessed to become the Godmother to one of those precious women, as she entered the church! I gained a boldness to serve God. 

Since the weekend, I have looked for ways to serve Jesus.

I do alterations in my home, so I assume that anyone who comes to see me is sent by God and I minister to them and offer to pray with them and for them.

I cared for a precious little baby for eight months … something I thought I would NEVER do! I found that the “yes” that I said to Jesus on my weekend has opened me up to opportunities to love and serve and has brought me more joy than I could imagine.

Before CRHP I had a strong prayer life, but since my weekend, I have put my prayer life into action. I’m glad my 93-year-old mother (who made her weekend when she was only 83) encouraged me to go.  She was right.

-- Barbara Alderfer

INTERESTED?: The St. Raphael Catholic Church Women's CRHP Weekend will be March 10 and 11. If you would like to participate, please send an email to Jocelyn Pedalino at

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