St. Raphael Bible Study

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St. Raphael Wednesday Morning Bible Study and 
Wednesday Evening Bible Study programs.

Come and join our study – The Acts of the Apostles

Thinking you don’t have time to fit one more thing in your schedule? You are not alone.

But please consider one of the most important things we can do as Christians … learn more about what Christ said and did through scripture study. The only way to know him and to pass this on and teach our children is to spend time with him.

Parishioners react to Father Tim during Bible Study.
Some commonly asked questions

Will I have to do a lot of work?
No. Participate at whatever level you can handle or feel comfortable with.

Do I have to come every week? No. Again come as your schedule allows. You may find, however, that you won’t want to miss the jewels being offered.

Does it cost anything?
No. If you would like to make a $5 donation to cover some housekeeping issues then great. If you would like to purchase the accompanying workbook for $30 to get the most out of the study then great. But neither is necessary.

What will I be learning?
We will be using the fantastic teaching tool by Ascension Press Great adventure series-The Book of Acts. This features a 45 minute DVD presentation by protestant pastor turned Catholic Jeff Cavins. A general discussion follows.

Will I have to get up and speak in front of others? Absolutely not. While we have group discussion and guest visits from our clergy and youth minister-share as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

Do I have to be a theologian or scholar to understand this? No. That is why you won’t want to miss. Jeff Cavins has an incredible gift to make understanding the bible easy. Promise.

Why is this so important? To name just a few reasons: the same problems that affected the early Church when Acts was written are the very same problems we face today. Find answers to your problems regarding raising a family, marriage, etc. Are we finding the solutions to our problems from Oprah or Christ? Because when it is all said and done and we meet our Lord (in the words of motivational speaker Matthew Kelly …)

“How are we going to tell HIM that we didn’t have time to read his book.” Do something special this year for yourself, for your spouse for your children, for your church. Come!

Two times available:

Wednesday Morning – 9:15-11 a.m.

Wednesday Evening (slightly different schedule of DVDs for evening )