Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Theresa McCormick, Webmaster ministry

We think that those that are active in the ministry are somehow different than us – that we could never commit like that … we having nothing special to offer. Wrong.

I was a volunteer in the public schools and realized how computer illiterate I was so I bought and read “Windows for Dummies” and so I began my journey.

Little did I know that God was preparing me for his work.

Soon afterward, the computer teacher from St. Raphael’s School was offering a class for parishioners to learn computers . I decided to just “stop in” and see if I could help. My offer was accepted which started a life-long love of working with the staff and parishioners at St. Raphael.

Soon I was asked to create the St. Raphael School and Church website. The sites eventually separated but I have, to date, have designed and maintained our www.st-raphaels.com church website.

In the past few years, I have created/maintained neighboring parish websites of: St. Mary Our Lady of Grace, Most Holy Name of Jesus, Transfiguration and Sacred Heart Church. Why? Because I am self taught, I believe with all my heart that God gave me this gift.

We each have a special gift from God. He wants us to use his gift. If I gave you a $100 bill as a gift, would you throw it away?

Every week I have updated the sites (some are now maintained by staff) – even during vacations.

Sometimes I update the parish site from my car sitting in a hotel parking lot, “borrowing” their Wi-Fi for a two-minute update.

Growth in my computer proficiency has spilled over into “layout designing” the CCW newsletter since 2004. God continues to cultivate my skills (and it wasn’t easy!)

We now travel throughout the USA for my husband and my business but I maintain my commitment to our parish (& other parishes) websites. Who knows where God will take me!

I also live what I want my children to do – to give to others in their time and treasure. It could be through the church, hospitals, schools, community – there is so much if we could all just do a little -- can you imagine what we could do?

Theresa McCormick has been a parishioner of St. Raphael's Church since 1991.