Sunday, July 31, 2011

Have your recipes been lost?

If you have already sent in your recipe for the St. Raphael 50th Anniversary Cookbook, it might be a good idea to log into the cookbook Web site to make sure your recipes are there. Some recipes have been lost.

Here's how to check: Go to Use your name as the contributor. The group logon is ccwladies. The password is mmyra

Recipes are still needed. If you have not sent in your recipe, you may still do so. You can send in multiple recipes, so if you've already sent your in but think of another one, send it, too. You can type it right into the database using the link above.

If you can't type your contribution, typists are available. Just drop your recipe in the box in the Narthex.

"I just want to thank all of you wonderful CCW ladies," said Christine Winstead, chairman of the 50th Anniversary Cookbook committee. "We are going to have an awesome cookbook for St. Raphael parish."

You may email Chris at or call her at (727) 481-3936. You can email Marty Foreman at or call her at (727) 894-7766.

Here are the contributors so far:

Aida Lee

Allison Garrett

Allison Garrett, Susan Garrett

Angela Soucy


Antoinette Falk

Barbara Dippelhofer

Barbara Dippelhofer, Henry Dippelhofer

Bernadette M. Bailey

Candice Buttitta

Celia Vena

Claudia Soucy

Claudia Soucy,

Connie Moore

Connie Smith

Denise DeBord

Denise DeBord, Beth Valette

Denise DeBord, Hazelann Pace

Denise DeBord, Terry Traum

Diann O'Connor

Dolores Smith

Eileen Sousa

Elsie Tugman

Fran Maloney

Gail Brazzell

J. Tymon

Jo Ann Brat

Jo Ann Burkart

Jo Ann Burkart, Eileen Kitzmiller

Jo Ann Burkart, Olga Michaels

Joan Priest

Jody Timmel

Judy Geier

Karen Cocker

Karen Cocker, Andrea Maranto May

Kathy Condon

Kathy Guckenberger

Kathy Guckenberger, Dru Brooks

Kathy Guckenberger, Lorraine Christensen

Kerry Brazzell

Laura Anderson

Linda Mims

Linda Mims, Aunt Loretta

Lisa Hansel

Louise Barrett

Lucille Perrin

Lynn Denson

Lynne Douglas

Lynne Douglas, Shirley Crockett

Maggie Moren

Maggie Moren, Tracy Bolt

Margaret Knepprath

Margaret Peck

Marge Colravy

Maria Cianca

Marlene D'Abramo

Marlene D'Abramo, Anthony D'Abramo

Marty Maranto Foreman

Mary Anne Reilly

Mary Boyle

Mary Holland

Mary Jo Cillian

Mary Kay Horaty

Mary Montecki

Mary Montecki, Lindy's Restaurant NY

Mary Satchwell

Michelle Pope

Mona Disla

Mrs. Eugenia Gallagher

Myrna Casorio

Patricia Bax

Peggy Flatley

Peggy Flatley, Suzanne Flatley

Peggy Hawkins

Peggy Nolan

Phil Maranto

Robin Ahlquist

Rosemary Early

Ruth Mattick

Stephanie Graham

Stephanie Graham, Carol Von Kaenel

Susan Hicks

Terry Hamm

Therese Johnson

Ursula Abner

Valerie Walker

Yolanda Gallagher

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