Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kay Yennie, The Holy Hoovers ministry

  Photo by Jane Winstead
The Holy Hoovers: From left, Ursula Abner, Kay Yennie, Bernadine Quartette and Linda Bragg.

The Holy Hoovers were started when our new church was two weeks old. At Mass one Sunday, Monsignor Caverly asked for volunteers to vacuum.

Bernadine Quartette and I showed up on the next Saturday morning and met Father Anthony.

The church had two vacuums so we took turns. The next week Bernadine and I brought our own so Father A could work, too!

We asked Peggy Hawkins to join us and the three of us did it for more than a year. Father A dropped out.

It took the three of us a little more than an hour to finish. Sometimes only two could come and it was a long job, and when only one came it was a very long job.

I went to the Women's Guild and asked for help when Bernadine and Peggy were going to be gone for three weeks. Up stepped Ursula Abner and Linda Bragg. I sure was happy to have them.

When Bernadine and Peggy returned there were five of us. We divided the church up and each of us do the same section every week. When someone can't come we ask Chris Winstead or Ava Abner to help if they can.

You wouldn't believe what we find in the church. Lots of crumbs. If I never see another Cherrio again I'll be happy. Also, fish crackers, mostly crushed from people walking on them. The worst was Easter egg shells after Easter Sunday one year.

Don't people eat breakfast at home before coming to church?

It costs $1,300 to clean the carpets in the church, and they get dirty again so fast. Lots of spills from drinks and black marks from shoes and some marks we don't know what. And oh, yes, the dreaded gum!

Take a good look at the carpet when you are at Mass next. 

We would love to have a few more ladies to help so when someone is sick or gone we can call you.

All of us love cleaning God's house. It doesn't seem like work. It's love for Him, and all our family at St. Raphael.

If you're interested: If you'd like to join the Holy Hoovers, please call the church office at 727-821-7989.

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