Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Louise Barrett, Hospitality ministry

Photo by Jane Winstead
Greeters Ursula Abner and Robin Ahlquist (and daughter Raquel) welcome parishioners to Palm Sunday 2009.

I love our Church. It’s not just the beautiful worship space and the waterfront grounds. God’s Church is visible at St Raphael’s.

I love being nourished by the Sacraments that connect us directly with God, our traditions that make every day richer, and the body of Christ who are you, my brothers and sisters.

I am involved in many ministries because St Raphael’s is truly a second home for me and my husband, Allen. Just like at our own home, where we raised four active, wonderful kids, I try to do whatever may be needed when I walk onto Church grounds. (No job is too small, though some are very big.)

I will share with you the joys of being in the Ministry of Hospitality, being a Greeter.

The purpose of a greeter is to welcome all to our Parish, especially the visitors and new parishioners.

“Welcome the stranger” is a key Christian activity, and through us, God wants all new people to feel welcome when they arrive at St. Raphael’s.

One Sunday, I was really pressed for time and didn’t arrive early at my greeting post.

On the way into Mass, I told God how sorry I was that I wouldn’t be doing much to help him at St Raphael’s as a greeter that day. Never fear, God will use our services in HIS way.

Walking in, I met new people who had recently lost a loved one, and were there for a Mass being offered for that person. Welcome!

I “randomly” sat near someone at Mass who needed extra prayers. Welcome!

On the way out, I met a man taking Holy Communion to his sick wife and we shared God’s grace. Welcome!

Being a greeter is easy, fun, and very important.

Our ministry needs many more volunteers helping God “Welcome the stranger” to our parish. Please consider letting God put you to work.

If you're interested: Please e-mail Louise Barrett at or stop by the church office if you would like to join the Hospitality ministry.

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