Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don Mattick, Cursillo ministry

The purpose of Cursillo (kur-SEE-yo) is to evangelize the world – one person at a time.

I was introduced to the Cursillo community through fellow parishioners. They invited me to go to a gathering of others from all over the Diocese. They encouraged me to make the three-day weekend. The experience was awe inspiring.

After making the weekend I was privileged to work the following weekend. This was the reason to decide to make this my main ministry. To witness the changes that the candidates go through made me realize how powerful the Cursillo Movement can be in changing the world around us.

I made my weekend in July 1988. Since then I have served on 11 teams for Cursillo; every one of them has been a wonderful experience and a help in my journey to Christ.

I’m always reminded of our main objective in Cursillo: “Make a friend, be a friend, and bring that friend to Christ.”

During the weekend, after some of the presentations, posters and sharing continue, open discussions ensue and many humorous ideas come out.

Like many other people, I was reluctant to discuss my religion with others. You know: don’t discuss religion or politics. Now, through the experience of Cursillo, I will discuss and defend my Catholic beliefs with anyone, any time. The biggest change was in me. I found that Christ was indeed in my life and that I could turn to him with any need or problem I may have.

If you're interested: If you'd like to make a Cursillo Weekend, the only requirements are that you are a practicing Catholic and are able to receive the sacraments. Call Donald Mattick (727) 526-1258 or e-mail him at dadmagic13@hotmail.com. Cursillo fliers are available in the narthex.

Photo by Jane Winstead

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