Friday, February 12, 2016

The sign tells you everything you need to know

Photo by Jane Winstead

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  1. The fish fry was ridiculously expensive. The price changed from $8 (last year) to $10 this year. You get maybe 3 small fish sticks and some canned green beans and a small side. You get more for your money at Long John Silvers. I've never seen a church fish fry so expensive! (Even an all-you-can-eat fish fry was cheaper). Saint Jude's in St. Pete has theirs for $8. How is a family of 4 supposed to afford this? I know the money goes to a good cause, but customers are still bombarded with raffles and donations for even more money! Many parishioners in line were flabbergasted by the price increase! I get the monthly newsletter from the church and I remember the announcement to "save the date" for the fish fry, but sneaky sneaky there was never a mention of the new price increase until you show up tonight and the new prices are clearly charged with new signs on top. I will now be going to Saint Jude's fish fry until prices are more reasonable.