Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fr. Kevin is a live-streaming Periscope trendsetter

Some of Fr. Kevin's recent 'Scopes, as seen on Katch.me
Fr. Kevin interviews Kevin Greeno about his Pinellas Hope building project.
Fr. Kevin talks with Jack and Lisa Lyons about the Holy Land.
These days you’re likely to see Fr. Kevin Mackin somewhere around the St. Raphael parish with his smartphone conducting an interview he’s live streaming on Periscope, which means that even if you’re not where Fr. Kevin happens to be at any given moment, you can still tune in to his activities in real time.

Case in point was the second annual Italian ‘Knight” Dinner on Saturday in the St. Raphael Parish Center. The event drew close to 300 parishioners and friends, and provided Fr. Kevin with a rich opportunity to Periscope, which he did more times than he has in any other venue since he began ‘Scoping only a couple of weeks ago.

While some faithful local followers as well as viewers from all over the world watched, Fr. Kevin talked with people about the Diocese of St. Petersburg’s homeless shelter, Pinellas Hope, his upcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land, digital music education, and the Italian “Knight” Dinner itself. In recent days, Fr. Kevin has done interviews on the Mustard Seed Ministry for the homeless at the St. Vincent De Paul Center of Hope, St. Raphael Bible Studies, and St. Raphael Youth Ministry. He also conducted a tour some of the stained-glass windows in the church.

At this writing, Fr. Kevin has produced 14 ’Scopes that have been saved at Katch.me. Periscope broadcasts are deleted after 24 hours but can be saved at the website Katch. Some of his earliest followers say his beginning broadcasts (when he was learning and becoming familiar with the new medium) were most entertaining but mercifully they are gone forever.

Mark Dufva of Catholic Charities speaks about Pinellas Hope.
Fr. Kevin may be a trendsetter. He may be the only priest in the Diocese of St. Petersburg on Periscope. In fact, there are precious few in Florida. Fr. Casey Jones, who is parochial vicar at San Pedro Perish in North Port (in the Diocese of Venice), is a Periscoper. There may be others but they haven’t appeared in our recent research. As might be expected, some Catholic public figures have discovered the medium, though they don’t always broadcast regularly. Bishop Robert Barron is still shown as Fr. Robert. Jackie Francois Angel is on but has no recent ‘Scopes. nor does Fr. Dave Dwyer, host of the radio program The Busted Halo.

A few Catholic dioceses and orders around the world are on Periscope, including the Diocese of Washington D.C., Archdiocese of Chicago, Diocese of Syracuse, Diocese of Brisbane in Australia, The Capuchins, and Franciscan Friars.

Glenn DuPont talks about the Italian "Knight" Dinner.
Fr. Kevin is identified on Twitter and Periscope as Franciscan Friar. His recent posts have been in preparation for his visit to Washington D.C. on Wednesday for the Canonization Mass of Blessed Junipero Serra, OFM, the Franciscan friar who started the first Catholic mission in what is now San Diego, California. Fr. Kevin intends to post live streaming sessions on Periscope during his visit.

Then, shortly after he returns, Fr. Kevin will be off again on a 10-day tour of the Holy Land with St. Raphael parishioners. He is planning to do live broadcasts from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, and the other stops on the pilgrimage.

You can follow Fr. Kevin on all his live streaming activities on Periscope. Download the free Periscope app to your smartphone. (It's easiest to log in using your Twitter account [also free.]) Inside Periscope, search for Franciscan Friar or @FrKevinOFM. It's as easy as that. You'll receive alerts when Fr. Kevin goes live! Be sure to tap on the screen to send hearts during during the broadcast. You'll see them float up the screen.

You can offer words of encouragement and ask questions during Fr. Kevin’s broadcasts. Just type a text message inside the Periscope app. Fr. Kevin will be happy to hear from you.

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