Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Help us with the rummage sale

By Denise Debord
Are you starting to clean out closets in anticipation of the holidays and holiday visitors? Are you downsizing or do you know friends or family who are moving or downsizing? If so, CCW has a way to help you out.

The St. Raphael Chapter of the Council of Catholic Women will hold its annual Pack Rat Rummage Sale on Saturday, January 21, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Every year the event gets bigger and better but to insure this we need donations. This year I have some storage space available for those of you who have some items and don't have anywhere to store them until the sale. The space is somewhat limited but it is available so let me know and we'll try to make whatever arrangements we can.

Volunteers have signed up to help with the event but we still need more volunteers to help not just on Friday, January 20 with the set up and Saturday, January 21 with the sale, but with helping to receive and sort the items in the afternoons the week of January 16 through the 19.
And please, don't think that this is a ladies only event. We need to enlist the help of husbands, daughters and sons. Every year we have a few more teens and men helping out but we always need more help.

This is an opportunity for the teens, school, parents—all of our parish organizations to pull together to make this a fun, successful fundraiser. This year's festival showed how much we can do if we all support each other. I'm asking that you redirect this message so I can get the word out to everyone.

We could use some additional storage space so if anyone has a bit of extra room in their garage or storage unit that we could utilize for a few months it would be greatly appreciated. We also need volunteers who have a truck or van and can help out with transporting some of the items to and from storage and the church.

Please contact me by phone or email if you have items to donate, have some space or a truck or can spare some time to volunteer. You can reach me at home at (727) 526-7580 or on my cell at (727) 502-2761 or with this email address wdebord727@yahoo.com

Look forward to hearing from a lot of you. Thanks.

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