Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The return of Matthew Kelly – on CD

Parishioners who heard Matthew Kelly when he came to St. Raphael may be delighted to learn of his new CD, Our Lives Change When Our Habits Change.

Kelly (left), the Australian-born motivational speaker who wrote Rediscovering Catholicism, visited our parish in January as part of a three-day mission in the Tampa Bay area.

Kelly challenges Catholics to wake up the sleeping giant that is the Catholic Church. He urges us to become a billboard for the faith by becoming "the best version of ourselves."

It is similar to the message he brings to secular audiences in his role as corporate motivational speaker tending to such clients as Chick-fil-A, FedEx, McDonalds, 3M, and Pepsi.

But Kelly was raised Catholic, and it is to those roots he returns when he embarks on missions like the one that brought him to St. Raphael. Recordings of Kelly's Catholic missions are distributed by Lighthouse Catholic Media. This new CD can be ordered here. The parish gets a donation back on any CD club subscriptions.

Parishioner Julie Musselman has made Lighthouse CDs and books available in the narthex at the church. Stop by the Lighthouse display for CDs and books from other dynamic Catholic speakers.


  1. Who's reading this article in Great Britain? Have you heard Matthew Kelly? Let us hear from you.

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  3. i really enjoy listening to mathew kelly in the cd (be the best version of ourselves)